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11 dark and eerie places in Germany

Image: frankie’s / Shutterstock.com

There is a soft rustle through a dark forest, a breeze moves through an abandoned house, a clink echoes in the walls of an old castle. You think these scenarios only appear in films? Then I thought it wrong, because it really exists: eerie places that give visitors goosebumps.

And these places are also here in Germany, very close to you. They are not only popular for films or photographs, but also attract curious visitors who are a little bit thrilled. Would you dare to visit such a place? You can get a scary overview in advance, because we show you 11 eerie places here in Germany!

1. Ghost forest Nienhagen

Image: imago images / viewpoint

We start our journey in the ghost forest. Bizarre shaped trees offer an eerie atmosphere here. The bizarre and uniqueness was shaped for decades by the steady Baltic wind as well as by many storms. As a result, the trunks and crowns fleeing from the wind appear « ghostly » and are also called « Windflüchter ».

The ghost forest in Nienhagen is located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and surrounds the Baltic Sea resort. The forest is a gem of the deciduous beech forest. It is a 1,300 m long and 100 m wide part of the forest, which is located in the forest area of ​​Nienhäger Holz. Would you roam the forest alone in the dark? Maybe in the light, right? And what about our next location?

2. The Valentin submarine bunker

Image: imago images / Jürgen Hanel

The Valentin submarine bunker, also called Farge submarine bunker, is located in Bremen on the Weser. It is the largest free-standing bunker and the largest armaments project in the Navy. The construction of the bunker was during the Second World War between 1943 and 1945 performed under forced labor and cost the lives of thousands of people.

Submarines were supposed to be built here. However, due to the course of the war, only about 95 percent of the bunker was completed and the planned construction of the boats could no longer be started. Parts of the bunker can still be visited today. An eerie atmosphere between the gray, narrow walls made of cement steel, gravel and sand is guaranteed. And if this weren’t worth a scary trip, then definitely the next place!

3. The Rakotzbrücke

Image: imago images / Photocase

This place seems mystical and could have come from a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. The Rakotzbrücke leads over the Rakotzsee in Saxony and it is also called « Teufelsbrücke ». The special thing about it is water reflection, because it closes the bridge into a circle and thus seems to act as a gateway to the parallel world. In 2017, the bridge and the Rakotzsee backdrop served for the film « The Sorcerer’s Apprentice ». No wonder, because there is something magical about this place.

Although entering the bridge is prohibited due to the risk of collapse, but the surrounding abandoned forests alone create an eerie atmosphere. Do you think a trip there is worthwhile? Or can it be something more scary?

4. The spy station on Teufelsberg

Image: imago images / Hohlfeld

The Teufelsberg is a mountain of rubble and is located in the west of Berlin. Right on the mountain is an abandoned US Air Force flight monitoring and listening station. After the military left the station, the system served as an air traffic control radar station from 1991 to 1999. Since then, the buildings have been empty and decaying steadily.

The crumbled buildings and old ruins have heard and seen a lot and not only harbor countless secrets and stories, but also spray something uncanny. But if you dare to climb the highest tower, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Berlin. Or do you save the thrill for our next location? Worth it!

5. The Beelitz healing facilities

Image: imago images / POP-EYE

Who wouldn’t chill in those crumbling walls? The Beelitz healing facilities built between 1898 and 1930 together form one of the largest hospital complexes in the Berlin area. More precisely, they are former workers’ lung hospitals. The entire ensemble is listed and consists of 60 buildings, which stand on a total area of ​​approx. 200 hectares.

The healing facilities served as a hospital and sanatorium in both the First and Second World War for wounded and sick soldiers. Nowadays this place would be perfect for shooting a scary movie. It’s no wonder that this backdrop is a point of contact for all horror fans. And what about the next place? Do you think there is even more weird?

6. Schlosshotel Waldlust

Picture: Ppictures / Shutterstock.com

Would you dare to spend even one night in this ghost castle? The castle hotel was once the point of contact for high society. The Grand Hotel opened its doors in 1902 and the high nobility – kings, princes and sultans came and went here. King Gustav V of Sweden resided here in 1926. In the 1930s, it housed world-famous movie stars. And now?

The castle hotel in Freudenstadt has been empty since 2005. Ancient relics from the past are hidden behind every door in this castle: old wing chairs, fairytale four-poster beds and dusty books. Everything seems to be enchanted and yet also ghostly. The scary factor is guaranteed here. But if you prefer the great outdoors, you might be better off at our next location

7. The Rotenfels

Image: imago images / Westend61

Beautiful and dangerous at the same time: The Rotenfels in Ebernburg looks breathtaking and invites you to hike and climb, but it should be seen with caution because it has already cost many lives. Sometimes the routes on this rock are extremely dangerous because the wall mostly consists of wedge-shaped, nested blocks, which breaks out very often under tensile load.

That’s why the Rotenfels is not a sport climbing area, but has an alpine character that is only suitable for experienced climbers. Good local knowledge is also necessary here. So far there have been numerous climbing accidents because the smooth stone walls of the rock were underestimated. It’s a little scary, isn’t it? But there is even more weird!

8. The Boy from Windeby

Image: imago images / robertharding

A moor landscape is scary in itself, but this one also housed something completely different: The Boy of Windeby is the well-preserved bog body of a boy from the 1st century, who was between 15 and 17 years old. It was found in 1952 Domslandmoor near Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein near the village of Windeby.

The boy from Windeby is one of the best-known bog corpses in Germany. It is exhibited alongside other bog corpses in the Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig-Holstein. The boy was found in a pit with a leather cord over his eyes. Really scary! Are you ready for our next scary place?

9. The Weilheim plague chapel

Image: Nemo1963 / Shutterstock.com

Everything looks so idyllic: there is a small chapel deep in the forest in a small clearing. But appearances are deceiving, because dark stories and dark secrets surround the chapel of Pollingsried or Pestkapelle, which stands between Hohenkasten and Weilheim in the Lauterbacher forest. Numerous victims of a plague that raged there in the 18th century are said to be buried under the chapel. In addition, several bodies are said to have been sunk in the well.

The chapel is the perfect place for all those who like to be scared. Even the forest that surrounds the chapel exudes an eerie atmosphere. Have we piqued your interest? Or would you prefer another place of the uncanny?

10. The Wessobrunn Monastery

Source: imago images / imagebroker

The former Wessobrunn Monastery is located in the Weilheim-Schongau district in Upper Bavaria. The year of founding and founder of the monastery cannot yet be determined with certainty. There are some legends surrounding the monastery and even if it doesn’t seem scary at first glance, it harbors one or two secrets.

For example, the story is told of a young woman of the order who is said to have broken her vow. Thereupon she is said to have fled and died of grief not far from Wessobrunn. What a sad but also scary story. If you haven’t scared yourself enough now, let’s move on!

11. The Spree Park

Image: imago images / Le Pictorium

Have you ever been to a ghost park? Where once children laughed and shouted through the air, you can now find abandoned silence. No more carousel turns here: The Spreepark in Berlin, formerly the Plänterwald cultural park, was opened in 1969 for the 20th birthday of the GDR. It was the only large amusement park in the east.

But then the operator went bankrupt and the park was closed in 2002. Since then, the site has been abandoned and has been unused. Not much of it old rides from GDR times left free. But one or the other can still be seen, such as the big ferris wheel. Are you thinking about visiting one or the other place? The scary factor is definitely given in all of our 11 scary places in Germany!


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