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13 Ways To Improve Your Vacation – Smart Hotel Hacks

Travelling is pure quality of life! Whether a classic beach holiday on the Italian Adriatic, hiking in the Alps or an exotic adventure trip in Vietnam, visiting and immersing yourself in foreign cultures makes you happy and broadens your horizons.

In order for the vacation to be perfect, arrival and departure should also be without any mishaps. So that this does not happen and you can enjoy the flight or the journey completely relaxed, we present 13 great lifehacks. With the help of this, you can pack liquids in a leak-proof manner in the case, save space when packing or reduce annoying noise in the hotel room.

So curtain up for the smart tricks that will improve your vacation!

1. Pack liquids safely

Since all liquids have to be in the suitcase, the right packaging is essential. After all, you don’t want to find your evening dress smeared with body lotion, right?

Here’s the trick for all screw tops: wrap the can or bottle in a thin plastic bag. Also, cover the top opening where the liquid comes out with the bag and smooth everything out. Now put the closure on and screw it tight as usual. Thanks to this cover with the plastic that is pulled tight, no small openings remain and even at high pressure, the liquids in the case are leak-proof.

2. Transport the suitcases into the room without bruising

If the service is overloaded or you want to get to your room as quickly as possible after a long flight, it’s best to go with the suitcases yourself. It’s just stupid that most doors have an automatic locking system that automatically closes them.

But this way you can leave the door open long enough so that you can bring your luggage in without bumping or bruising: take a hanger , hang it on the bar next to the door and hang the side lock on the hanger. This keeps the door open and you don’t have to work with semi-acrobatic movements to keep them from accidentally falling.

3. Dear fingers away from the minibar

A drink is due after arrival! But you probably already know that the drinks and snacks in the vast majority of minibars are almost outrageously overpriced , which is why a trip to a bar is better. But did you also know that some hotels have a special automatic system installed in the cupboards?

In this way, a system registers whether you are taking anything from the minibar. The respective product will then be automatically added to your invoice and finally paid for. This at least causes unnecessary discussion with the staff when you leave. So you should avoid this right away by leaving the minibar untouched.

4. Use the remote control safely

Admittedly, that sounds strange at first: How should you not use a remote control safely?

But when you take a closer look, it becomes clear that masses of bacteria accumulate here, since the device is hardly ever considered when cleaning the room and presumably every guest touches it several times. Sheets, towels and blankets are washed and changed, but the remote controls remain as they are – this is unsanitary !

Fortunately, there is a trick: put the device in a thin plastic bag and close it tightly, for example with a knot. In this way you can press the buttons without directly touching the surface.

5. Light at the push of a button

We don’t know about you, but is it sometimes annoying that the room card has to be inserted for the air conditioning and lights to work? Especially if you forget it when you enter and make yourself comfortable on the bed or couch …

Now this no longer has to happen. To be honest, all other cards in a similar format work wonderfully, so you can leave them in the adapter instead of the room card. This keeps the room pleasantly cool, even when you are on the beach or at the pool bar! Whether credit card or bonus card from your supermarket – just try it out next time.

6. Reduce noise at night

In beach hotels in particular, the room doors do not close directly above the floor, but leave a small gap open . This should allow the air to circulate better. However, this is annoying when the neighbors are awake and talk loudly in the hallway.

Therefore, simply roll up a medium-sized towel and squeeze it as far as possible into the gap under the door. Textiles swallow noises excellently and so any noise that appears particularly loud at night is significantly reduced. Depending on the width of your room door, you can also use a larger towel or two smaller ones.

7. Try a Secret Room …

A secret room – what is that supposed to be? Well, these are rooms that are offered for a lower price than normal. Often these rooms are only available on site, especially if the hotel has few guests, you can ask at the front desk.

This happens when hotels are not fully booked, which in turn can have a bad impact on the image and reputation. Hardly any hotelier would therefore like to have many vacant rooms in their house and therefore offers them under the « Secret Rooms » category. You will only find out the exact classification of the rooms on arrival. A surprise effect is included for free, it can be exciting!

8. Comfortable climate in the room

The air in hotel rooms is often dry : A constantly running ventilation system, air conditioner or heaters are responsible for this. You cannot always adjust them manually, so you can get dry skin or a slight cough due to the low humidity.

You can easily remedy this unpleasant circumstance : dampen a towel (preferably a larger shower towel) and spread it over an equally large object. Now place this construction directly next to or at least near the heating. The moisture escaping during drying improves the indoor climate enormously and helps above all asthmatics and those with an acute cold!

9. Trust your own feelings when making recommendations

The hotel lobby staff is a popular address for asking about the best local restaurant or an authentic snack. After all, these people come from here and need to know, right?

However, what many tourists do not know is that hotels enter into cooperation agreements with restaurants, bars and delivery services. Sometimes you receive a commission for referred guests and therefore cannot answer your questions truthfully. So do your own research online, for example on rating portals, and read the reviews of previous visitors. The most important thing is: get suggestions and information, but in the end trust your own gut feeling first!

10. Don’t panic about forgotten things

hotel front desk agent

Oh no – the hair treatment, which is so important for the sea and the sun, has remained in the shower at home, the small travel sewing kit for emergencies is still on the table and the play for the children to work with has somehow been lost while driving.

Before you get annoyed about such little things , contact the reception . These often have a pool of small things that guests often need, such as irons or personal care products, so you can easily borrow them. Also games for children are often at the lobby available, because the parents will also enjoy a relaxing break in the holiday.

11. Draw the curtains perfectly

Good sleep is so important, especially after a hard day on vacation! After all, sleeping in for good is not an absolute wish list for the holidays. How annoying that some curtains are already a bit washable and cannot be closed sufficiently. So that the hotel curtains do not annoy you by the early rays of the sun coming through in the early morning, there is a trick:

Take a hanger with a clip on each side. Now pull the opaque curtains as far as possible and use the clips to hold them together in the middle and fix them in place.

12. Find out possible discounts

This last hack is primarily aimed at guests who are planning a longer stay in a hotel: ask the booking service in advance for possible discounts, discounts or other goodies, such as free breakfast or late check-out on the last day.

Many hotels – especially those in the higher price ranges and luxury resorts – appreciate guests who honor them with a longer stay and want to be remembered well. That is why there are sometimes offers such as 6 for 7 (stay 7 nights and pay 6) or a small voucher at the end of the stay that can be redeemed in the hotel bar or shop.

13. Money in the drain plug

Money in drain

It is so quick and it has already happened. There is a stain on the shirt at dinner and you would like to get rid of it right away. We have a great hack for that. How about handwashing in the hotel room? But what do you do without a drain plug? It is best to just put a little plastic film over it and fix it with a few coins. So the water can no longer drain.

This hack can be easily removed after successful washing so that you have a normal sink again. With these hotel hacks, the next vacation is sure to be even better. Share on Facebook


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