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16 Tips For More Comfort For Your Next Long Haul Flight

How do I stay comfortable on a long flight?

While some people love to travel by plane and find flying something exciting and exciting, staying at the airport is already torture for many. Experience shows that you have to be prepared for everything, especially on long-haul flights. The large crowd and the often existing time pressure can strain your nerves. Add to that the annoying search for a seat and possibly annoying neighbours.

No matter whether at check-in, the waiting time until departure or the actual flight – the following tips and tricks will help you to pass the time faster and make flying more comfortable.

Here are 16 tips to be comfortable on a long flight to help you enjoy your trip as much as possible

1. Comfortable clothes

The right clothes have a big impact on how comfortable you feel on the plane . Even if you are traveling for work, you should wear a casual outfit that is not too tight. You should also think of everything when flying. Even in warm weather or midsummer, you should take a sweater with you, for example, to protect yourself from the cold of the air conditioning system.

After the flight, you can still change appropriately. Especially on long-haul flights, you have to remember that you often sit around 9-12 hours at a time. This is not about looking good, but feeling good.

2. The right time management

If you arrive at the airport too early, you can still sit down and pass the time . However, there is nothing worse than being under time pressure. Especially if you still have to check in luggage, you may miss your flight.

It is therefore advisable to be at the airport about 3-4 hours earlier on a long-haul flight. This gives you enough time to drop off your luggage, look for the right gate, and possibly freshen up. Especially if you arrive by train, this can often be delayed. If you start early enough, you are not under time pressure.

3. The right shoes

Women in particular want to convince with their outfit, even at the airport. But even if the shoes look stunning, they can quickly become uncomfortable, especially on a plane. You also often have to reckon with having to stand in line for a long time, which can be an ordeal for high-heeled shoes.

So put your footwear on comfort. Sports shoes or, especially for women, ballerinas, for example, are the best choice. Also make sure that the shoes are also breathable so that you don’t sweat in them. If necessary, however, it is also possible to simply pack a comfortable pair of shoes.

4. No carbonated drinks

Anyone planning a trip by plane often thinks about eating and drinking beforehand, but very few people think about what they eat, for example. So it is better to avoid carbonated drinks. The simple reason for this is that the carbonic acid in the stomach creates a gas that has to be released one way or another later.

There could be nothing more unpleasant on an airplane than trying to hold back these unpleasant noises for several hours. Rather use water or juices. However, if it has to be carbonated, don’t drink it shortly before departure.

5. Wear earplugs on a plane

Talking is not forbidden on the plane. And that’s exactly how babies can cry. On a long-haul flight, however, this can disturb one or the other passenger. This is exactly what earplugs were invented for. So remember to pack a couple.

Shortly after the start or whenever you need it, you can put the plug in your ear and have peace of mind. If necessary, you can also use headphones with noise suppression. With these you can also listen to music or watch a movie in peace. If you forget your earplugs or headphones, the flight attendants usually have a pair for you. In this case, be sure to ask in good time before departure.

6. Think about cash

Despite the amount of apps that allow you to make cashless payments these days, it’s still worth taking some cash with you, especially when traveling abroad. No matter whether you want to buy something or pay for the valet service – you can do this quickly and easily with cash.

In addition, it can always happen that you arrive at your destination and the machine does not work. If you have thought about changing some money in advance and carry this with you, you are therefore not dependent on an ATM. Also consider a taxi. You still often pay cash here today.

7. Sit in the back if possible

In general, it is advisable to sit in the back of the aircraft if possible . This will get you to your seat faster when you get in. Even when you get out, you will be one of the first people to be outside. Another advantage is that the service is usually better in the rear seats because you sit closer to the flight attendants.

In many cases, depending on the size of the plane and where you are sitting, you are also closer to the toilets, which is often more pleasant. When buying the plane ticket, be sure to either book a seat in advance or check in as early as possible so that you can choose one of the free seats in the back.

8. Early check-in

In general, you can check in your luggage whenever you want and therefore as early as you want. You should generally be at the airport as early as possible. Then it is advisable to drop off your luggage immediately. One advantage is that you only have to remember to get on the plane in time. In addition, you don’t have to carry your luggage with you all the time.

Keep in mind that people have often packed too much. This may mean that you need additional time to move some things from your luggage to your hand luggage. If you don’t have any luggage, you can also check in early using an app.

9. Dress according to the onion principle

In a previous point it was explained how important it is to dress comfortably. However, you should also dress wisely. The onion principle means that you dress in several layers. This way you can take a layer off if it gets too warm for you, but at the same time have enough clothes with you when it gets too cold.

So make sure you don’t just wear a t-shirt and jacket, but a t-shirt, sweater, and jacket. This gives you a lot of variation and you can adapt your clothes to the weather in no time. You can also use a blanket on the plane if it is too cold for you.

10. Fly in the morning to avoid possible turbulence

If you have the opportunity to choose your flight time flexibly, try to fly in the morning. The reason for this is that usually fewer people can fly and it can be more pleasant. On the other hand, you can avoid possible turbulence. These occur when the increasing heat of the earth rises into the air and accordingly causes a strong wind or even storms.

However, this usually only happens in the evening or in the afternoon and less early in the morning. Especially people who suffer from motion sickness can fly more comfortably and without fear.

11. Gifts for flight attendants

Of course, it is always worthwhile to be nice to the employees in the airport and especially to the travel companions. This does not always guarantee better service, but it cannot hurt in principle. In addition, some frequent flyers recommend taking a small gift for flight attendants with you. This can be something simple, like a bar of chocolate.

This often shows that you are treated a little more preferentially. As I said, this is not guaranteed, but it can’t hurt to be on the safe side. In this context, you should always take care to be considerate and flight attendants generally not to offer more than necessary.

12. Never sleep while taking off or landing

The ears cannot regulate the pressure when flying, principally during take-off and landing. This results in a feeling of pressure on the ears that can be particularly uncomfortable. Experts advise chewing gum at this time.

Under no circumstances should you sleep during landing but also during take-off, as otherwise you cannot « defend yourself » against this pressure. Make sure to put one or two chewing gums in your mouth about 10 minutes before take-off and landing. An antihistamine also helps some people in this case. However, you should not use this without first consulting your doctor.

13. Think of an extra pair of socks

Especially if you have to walk a lot at the airport, for example, to find the right gate, this can quickly cause your feet to start sweating and your socks will get wet accordingly. With an additional pair of socks, you can free your feet from the wet.

Many like to only sit in socks on a plane. However, if you have been wearing the socks since morning and therefore all day, they may smell a little. It is also worth putting on fresh socks here and providing additional comfort, especially on long-haul flights. If it is particularly cold, you should use extra thick wool socks.

14. Avoid proximity to babies

Nobody likes to sit on a plane with a crying baby for several hours. In general, there is nothing you can do about it, but you can try to avoid being close to the baby. Do not under any circumstances sit near families. It is often the case that when you get on the plane early, not all family members are seated. A baby can be added later and you no longer have time to find a better place.

On the one hand, try to avoid families and, on the other hand, do not sit where the strollers are usually parked, since families with babies usually sit down accordingly.

15. Download films and series to your tablet

You will often be offered some films or series on long-haul flights. In most cases, however, the airline does not have a particularly large selection. So remember to take a laptop or tablet or even a smartphone with you and download enough entertainment.

If you fly around 9 hours and don’t sleep all the time, it can quickly get boring and a movie or series will pass the time. The advantage is that you don’t need any internet to watch it. In addition to hand luggage, you can also easily carry an additional electronic device with you.

16. Use lounges

Check in advance whether you can use the airport lounges based on the flight ticket booked or a credit card. In many cases, this is possible and offers you additional comfort. There you can sit down in comfortable seats and eat and drink before departure.

The lounge is also often near the gate, so you can check in your luggage and then relax before departure. You can also benefit from many free things there. So it is sometimes worthwhile to fly in a higher flight class in order to take advantage of additional benefits.Share on Facebook


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