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6 Things You Should Know Before You Go to Tibet

the magical natural scenery of Tibet has attracted tourists from all over the world but many tourists do not quite understand that unique customs and taboos of Tibet for example the
following are all things that should be understood before going to Tibet.
1. Filter graphs are prohibited inside the Potala Palace in Potala palace
you can take photos at a will you can take a photo outside but it is absolutely forbidden inside if you don’t listen to the advice you may confiscate your camera fine or even getting in the jail.
2. Don’t watch the sky burial in Tibet the custom of sky burial is still maintained in some places the family members of the deceased do not want tourists to watch it and they are not allowed to take photos if they happen to encounter sky burial they should venture
any avoid it.
3. Don’t touch patents head casually in Tibetan traditional culture except for eminent amongst and elders no one can touch his head casually touching
Tibetans had is a very employed act which is very important.
4. Do not step on the threshold when entering residential houses do not step on the
threshold when entering the tense in living rooms of Tibetans if Tibetans stick out their tongues to tourists
Michelle their respect for tourists instead of laughing and in Hunan state is a kind of etiquette.
5. Don’t buy wild animal fur scouts etc don’t buy any fur of wild animals horse of wild
Tibetan antelope scouts of wild yak etc in Tibet, this is tantamount to
supporting the increasingly rampant poaching wildlife into that.
6. At the lake in Tibet there are Tibetan
Mastiffs and yak boots dressed beautifully basically there is a charge
for photographing these animals, please pay attention to this it is important to
remember that these six advices must be
remembered otherwise traveling in Tibet will be very troublesome welcome to Tibet.


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