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Amazing Facts About Letting Your Kids Travel More

Some people think that traveling will never be good for their kids at all especially if they are still at school, so all the parents did not agree to leave their kids to travel at all.

It will be better for your kids to travel rather than going for a family vacation, so if you decided to take your kids out of school, then you should take them on a tour.

When you do that, you will notice all the positive impact on your kids’ educational prospects and cultural awareness, and we will tell you more about that in the following points.

A study proves that traveling can affect your kids positively:

Some parents will be surprised when they hear that letting kids travel will surely affect their personal development and their future careers positively.

The study depended on one thousand five hundred US-based teachers, who were polled in the survey, and the results were amazing because they found that there is a 74% of those teachers agreed that travel has an extremely positive effect on students’ personal development.

The study also proved that there is a 56% of them believed that travel has a good effect on improving student’s educational experience.

Amazing facts about letting your kids travel more:

There are so many facts that has been provided by this study, and so many parents were very surprised by those amazing facts, so we will tell you some of them in the following points.

  • They found that almost all the teachers agreed that children who travel so much have become more tolerant, they respect other cultures, and they have a great ability to try new things
  • The study proved that kids who travel a lot were more likely to demonstrate higher self-esteem, confidence, independence, adaptability, and sensitivity when dealing with other children
  • Some teachers said that once students had been taken on one trip, they became obsessed with traveling more and more
  • More than 42% of teachers noted that they believe well-traveled students will be more attractive to college admissions recruiters and are more like to be accepted

Note: the study does not mean that your kids will be successful in their life if they only travel over the world, but in fact, it encourages you to let your kids go for a trip with you or by themselves, so it will be perfect for you to take your kids infrequent weekend trips.


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