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15 Abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals


Image: Stefan Schierle / Shutterstock.com

Psychiatric hospitals are horrible places. Anyone who visits psychiatry as a visitor has the feeling of « End of the soul » to have arrived. It says: « From the moment that the sick passes the internment wall, enters the patient a new dimension of emotional emptiness. Short: We are looking for space and want to surround ourselves with people whose heart and mind are pure.

However, the sufferer is in a room that was originally built to render it harmless and heal at the same time. Sorted out. Banished from society. This article is about former abandoned psychiatric hospitals and their « finds ». We bring goosebumps to your skin in person. Let’s start.

1. Loneliness in Manicomio, Italy


Picture: Sherman Cahal / Shutterstock.com

People who visited former psychiatric hospitals describe the following: « It’s still foggy when we walk across a withered field on a Sunday morning. The goal is a manicomio (Italian lunatic asylum) in the province of Cuneo. At the end of the field, an old path is emerging. The vegetation becomes a little denser. We follow the path and reach an old large wrought iron gate.

Behind it there is an avenue of huge old trees on the left and right are the outlines old building reveal. Mystically located. Difficult to reach by car. Your blood freezes in your veins. What happened here can hardly be put into words. The patient must have suffered hell agony.

2. A first find

Image: Merlot Levert / Shutterstock.com

After the gate was passed, visitors continue to follow the old avenue. Nobody is speaking. Every step tough and uncertain. While dried leaves burst rhythmically underfoot to the steps. Finally, the goal emerges from the morning mist: An old main pavilion. This complex was built in 1871 as an institution for the Catholic Church and soon used as a military school.

A place where people don’t want to stay long. You need to know that since 1920 the facility was used as an asylum. In 1981 closed. The building was left to its fate. Overgrown gardens that surround this mighty building. A first find: A doll. It belonged to an adult. Without it, he couldn’t sleep.

3. Screaming walls

Picture: Nicolas Becker / Shutterstock.com

Visitors can enter the site at any time. Without guidance. Through an open cellar window, you can climb into the former psychiatry. Through the pale light that falls through the blind cellar windows, you can quickly see that this basement resembles an old vault. The ceilings are approximately 1.60 meters high. you have to stoop forward.

The basement is a dead end. At that time, an escape was hopeless. You will find in a niche old dirty pipes that lead into an opening. The ways » are very narrow, but big enough around them to squeeze. The tubes are wrapped in porous glass wool. A visit you will never forget. What is hidden in the interior?

4. Eerie memories


Image: PhotoMik / Shutterstock.com

You might think that in this place all joy disappears from your soul. Enthusiasts fall in love with the breathtaking spookiness. Would you dare to climb the stairs? What do you think is on the first floor? An old sign on the porous wall answers your question: « Along to the operating room. » Fascinating, visitors move through meter-high Gothic corridors until the travelers suddenly arrive to discover a tiled room.

With an old sterilizer, interest is awakened to the greatest possible extent. There is another door in the same room. When you open it, you won’t be able to close your mouth anymore. With your mouth open, you can see an old operating table including an old operating light and some other equipment. The light is still working. It is an eerily beautiful sight.

5. Crazy ways

Image: waewkid / Shutterstock.com

Meanwhile, the « head cinema » is going crazy. Visitors continue to stroll through huge dormitories that form part of the up to 1400 occupants housed. Past old doctors’ rooms and through seemingly innumerable dark corridors until an imposing entrance hall is reached. Travelers spend several hours at this location. There is always something scary to discover.

Your soul touches more sustainably than any other place. The building is now in an endangered state. The entire foundation sinks. The dark corridors are partly crooked. The rooms collapse unsigned. A piece of history, albeit a sad one, could disappear forever due to the condition.

6. Creepier than any ghost train

Picture: Sun God / Shutterstock.com

Abandoned psychiatric hospitals are more creepy than any ghost train. Have abandoned places special magic. Be it a derelict hospital, an abandoned hotel, or a quaint factory building. They all have one thing in common: they all exude a special mixture of charm and danger. They invite the traveler to be (re) discovered.

At the same time, they warn against entering their porous and sometimes eerie premises. But we do it again and again. Those who take the steps nevertheless have the opportunity to travel back in time and crawl over rotten floors, under fallen ceilings. Go along the peeling walls. The transience of people and the buildings they create want to be explored.

7. A story of suffering


Image: sweasy / Shutterstock.com

When entering the building, the typical, old smell comes up against it. Do you smell it? Slightly musty, used up and moisture rises in the nose. Screams from the soul. Pain. Agony thinks that some travelers have felt it. It is slightly dark in every psychiatry, even though it is the only afternoon. In addition, many windows are covered with ivy, and little light penetrates through them.

At the sight of the old bathroom, you will experience goosebumps. There is something so morbid and yet so fascinating. The building is old. you see it on the hard stone floor and the bare walls. Long corridors with many doors, metal bed frames. A truly uninviting place. The last traces of blood can be seen in the bathroom. It may sound horrible to some. For the other, absolute fascination with a long history of suffering.

8. The Psychiatry « 1927 »

Picture: Yesign / Shutterstock.com

We are traveling to Belgium. The psychiatric clinic « 1927 » has an incredible reputation. If you want to scare yourself, it’s best in this place. The psychiatric ward « 1927 » can be found in Belgium. What distinguishes this building? Large, park-like property with several buildings. Many of the rooms have been empty since 1997. Most have already been renovated and as new living spaces in use.

Would you want to move in here? A few buildings are still empty today. Leave, forget, and collapse. In 1927 the clinical psychiatry opened and served primarily to treat women. The complex grew into a university clinic over the years and has been expanded ever since.

9. The Forest Haven Psychiatry

Image: abackpacker / Shutterstock.com

It seems like in a horror movie: the abandoned psychiatry « Forest Haven ». Spookily beautiful. Until 1991 Forest Haven Psychiatric Hospital in Maryland was still operating. Shortly afterward, the building was closed due to complaints from numerous patients, those here for decades badly abused and neglected should have been closed.

Now the buildings are left to decay – and are scary today than ever. Those who set foot here will have to leave the light on at night. Brave people try to enter the building alone – in the dark. We would not recommend it to you. Already not without a flashlight. The holes in the floor are just waiting for you to plunge.

10. Mental effects

Image: abackpacker / Shutterstock.com

This lunatic asylum is particularly creepy because everything was left behind when it was closed. Treatment tables, beds, toilets, Medicines, and chairs can still be found here – just like roller skates and badminton rackets. You can believe your imagination. That was exactly how it must have happened back then. We ask ourselves, has anyone ever been released here in good health?

Where does the term psychiatry actually come from? Well, the term psychiatry was used in 1808 of the one working in Halle Doctor Johann Christian Reil embossed. Among them is the “therapeutic functionalization psychological effects «  Roger that. Reil mastered both theoretical and practical medicine. His investigations about the construction of the brain and nerves were groundbreaking.

11. Child psychiatry

Image: Benjamin Beech / Shutterstock.com

The tuberculosis medical center was used from around 1900 to mid-1960 to treat patients with lung disease and tuberculosis. The clinic had five stations. Including one for the most serious cases of illness. From the mid-1960s until 1994 much of the building was used for treatment and care mentally disabled children and adolescents repurposed.

Because of this situation, a small sports hall was built, for which the former but desecrated chapel was rebuilt. Sometime later it was terrain in the forest expanded by two buildings. It served as Children’s home. In year An investor bought in 2004 the terrain and unfortunately let the building deteriorate further.

12. The last option

Picture: Arturs Budkevics / Shutterstock.com

We mostly see these “clothes” in the scariest horror films. And then that! Suddenly the patient frees himself and causes the entire city to panic. But what about the history of the so-called « straitjackets »? – In 1790, straitjackets are said to have existed in the asylum of Bicêtre. Made by an upholsterer. His name is Guilleret. The straitjacket known today comes from the « father of American psychiatry »:

Benjamin Rush, in the 19th century. Since then, the straitjacket has been used in psychiatric hospitals. When using straitjackets, head injuries used to occur when patients were not kept in a padded cell. The patients banged their heads against the wall. Straitjackets were previously used in psychiatry. Today they are called « protective jackets ».

13. The « temple sleep »

Image: Marzolino / Shutterstock.com

We are familiar with psychiatric hospitals from antiquity. During that time as the main healing method of « temple sleep » used and was highly regarded in the oldest psychosomatic clinics. Numerous representations of clinical pictures have survived from the time of ancient Rome. These treatments include Massages, phlebotomy, diets, hellebore, and oil changes on the head.

It is understandable that this did not make people healthy. The doctors tried to promote the mind with these methods. It was also necessary to read critical texts. The patient was questioned. In addition, efforts were made to activate patients through theater games, board games or even traveling. Some of the sick were also isolated and housed in rooms with high windows. Aulus Cornelius Celsus recommended the use of chains.

14. Foundation of the first institutions

Image: abackpacker / Shutterstock.com

Are you wondering when the first « institution » was founded? Christian August Fürchtegott Hayner (1775–1837) and Ernst Gottlob Pienitz (1777–1853) were the designs. They had the idea of ​​a pure nursing home for insane madmen. The so-called « Fool’s Tower » was 1784 in Vienna built and is considered the world’s first psychiatric clinic. The clinic was occupied by patients until 1866.

Do you think it was human here? Certainly not! We do not have to go into the inhumane conditions in psychiatric institutions. The Pictures speak volumes! It was a miracle when the suffering improved. At that time there were luckily experts, which for sufferers deploy. The result: Psychiatry became an independent medical specialty.

15. The current situation

Image: fizkes / Shutterstock.com

We meet sick souls all over the world. Most, however, we don’t even see the “dark cloud” around them. If people with mental illnesses had a bandage around their heads, we could deal with each other in a much more understanding way. A society that holds together. With understanding and patience, we would learn to pay attention to the souls of our time. 



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