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An Incredible Discovery In An Old Wreck

Picture: Kichigin /

Many stories have on the vast seas played. Nowadays they are legends and historical events. The only traces we can find today are on the ocean floor.

So it is with that once largest navigation ship the Swedish Navy. The so-called Kronan, which means a crown, was owned by the Swedish Navy in 1672 and was one of the most popular at the time heaviest armed warships of the world.

She sank on a bad tour and the crew died. The ship was only found 300 years later and so nobody knew exactly what was left. On the Treasures lurked on the seafloor. Now you can find out what they were.

1. The Swedish warship

Image: S.Bachstroem /

The Kronan was a Swedish warship, which was one of the largest of its kind when it was in 17th century was built. This massive ship, a flagship the Swedish Navy, was completed in 1672 after about four years of construction.

Kronan was first four years long at sea before it disappeared. During the Battle of Öland on June 1, 1676 capsized the entire ship after a sharp turn.

Thereupon the cleared most of the arch and the ship started to sink quickly. About 800 men died and more than 100 Firearms, personal belongings as well as gold and silver coins sank to the bottom of the sea. This remained undetected for a long time.

2. Lost in the sea

Image: littlesam /

340 years the Kronan was lying on the Seabed off the southeast coast of Sweden before being visited. On the bottom of the Baltic Sea, it became a typical wreck on which seaweed grew and sea ​​creatures were looking for a home.

The ship was built by the Fauna and flora of the sea enveloped and so it was forgotten for a long time. But then decided diving archaeologists to find this ship on the bottom of the sea.

It took almost 300 years until the sunken ship made headlines. In 1980 the Swedish localized Archaeologist Anders Franzén, who was also a marine technician, the exact position of Kronan on the bottom of the ocean.

3. The first important discovery

Image: Photology1971 /

The first incredible discovery by Franzén and his team was that Cannons protruding from the side of the wreck. In fact, the Kronan was one of the most heaviest armed ships of the 17th century.

This was evident from the fact that the ship was with 110 firearms was equipped. During the 1981 expedition, the crew decided that the most important thing was to first transport the weapons safely from the ship.

The small cannons could easily carry them out of the water, but they asked for the Swedish coast guard to get the bigger ones out, the partial ones more than four tons weighed. All cannons were different since they were Trophies from other countries were.

4. The thorough search

Picture: Damsea /

Fortunately, that was Most of the wreck sterile and so this was adequately illuminated because the sunlight reflected from the water surface. This particularly helped with the excavations, since they could now use all the light and therefore significantly faster could work. Nevertheless, the recovery of all objects took almost a year.

The discovery covered more than 30,000 artifacts. The archaeologists found many objects that they had expected, such as Weapons and tools. Underneath, they also discovered a cabinet with a historical one’s Navigation instruments. However, there were more treasures hidden on the ship that the archaeologists had not expected.

5. The real treasures

Picture: Sergey Goryachev /

Of course, it was a typical War chest on board. In the were Silver coins. It was common to have a box with you because it didn’t just make it Crew wages paid, but was also the buffer in emergencies.

Silver coins weren’t the only currency that had been found on the ship. This sparked a lot of historical speculation. In 1982 a collection of 255 gold coins discovered.

The interesting thing was that the coins came from the whole world came. There were coins issued Seville, Reval, and Cairo. The coins were ducats, the most common Currency form in the Middle Ages was.

6. Arms

Picture: Peyker /

The Shipwreck was filled with a wide variety of rifles and other firearms. Since they had been on the seabed for centuries, they were very rusty. Scientists restored the weapons and now they are exhibited in the Kalmar Country Museum in Sweden.

There was one big exhibition organized, which was dedicated only to the discovery of the Kronan. But there were many firearms on the ship no big surprise. In addition to weapons, archaeologists also discovered many Musical instruments.

Among them were violins, trumpets, and a viola da gamba. This gave you an insight into the social life of the sailors. Obviously, they were concerned with music and provided entertainment.

7. Tobacco and clothing

Image: aapsky /

The archaeologists discovered tobacco, which was also part of everyday life at that time. Regardless of the Position and rank all men on the entire ship were most likely to smoke. The tobacco was packed in barrels in which the Tobacco leaves for many years have been kept for a long time.

The tobacco was both medical as well as pleasure consumed. Even though it has been grown in Sweden since the 17th century, the tobacco found is more likely to come from North America comes from.

In addition to tobacco, were also very well-preserved textiles on the ship. The clothing gives historians an overview of the Manufacture of clothing.

8. The brain tissue

Picture: Jesada Sabai /

Archaeologists have found not only clothing and everyday objects that reflect the crew members and explain life at the time but also essential ones Evidence for the crew members found myself.

The Remains of two crew members were found in the wreck and one of the skulls even contained Remains of brain tissue. While around 800 men lost their lives when the Kronan sank, they only had 40 other happiness to survive.

Although Brain tissue Not discovered as often, no discovery was as remarkable as the one they found in 2016. Archaeologists found one in one of their excavations mysterious black pot. What was in the pot becomes you Smile bring.

9. The black pot

Image: pongsatorn imudom /

This heavy black glass was perfectly embedded in the ocean floor. At first, the archaeologists weren’t sure what might be inside. Since it was difficult, it could be one other chest be that contained old coins.

With this theory, they lay however very wrong. Only when the pot was brought to the surface could you see what it really was. The little black pot was just due to the water pressure so hard.

When the vessel was brought to the surface, the pressure changed and therefore the pot leaked. It came in pungent smell from it.

10. The cheese

Picture: Igor Normann /

Scientists believed they had one 340-year-old cheese found. « It is very likely that it is a Dairy product and we think it’s cheese, ”he said Archaeologist Lars Einarsson opposite the Swedish press center The Local.

The people at the Kronan site couldn’t believe their eyes or their noses. It was amazing that a product like cheese was on the Seabed can be kept for over 300 years was. Einarsson said it was something like a Roquefort cheese been.

The consistency was a bit grainy. It was in the mud and is reasonably well preserved. Remarkable when you consider that it is over 300 years slept on the seabed.

11. The luxury food

Image: tat_sid /

Was in the 17th century Cheese a luxury that only members of the richest classes could afford. It is even possible that this pot is the one Captain of the ship heard.

It’s a shame they couldn’t have enjoyed it before the Kronaner went under. Although it is like most expensive cheeses smell good and sharp, it can be life-threatening. « I recommend it not to try a case. It’s a mass of bacteria, ”said Einarsson.

We find it amazing how the Worth of things changed. What there sometimes as a luxury good was almost with us every day on the table and is always available.


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