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Beautifully romantic: 15 abandoned castles and palaces

Picture: Yury Dmitrienko /

Romantics like to dream of times past. Abandoned castles and palaces provide a suitable backdrop for daydreams. A reason for this is that the Builders for your stately home most of time outstanding places have chosen. We often find the old locks spectacular hills, on one lake or in the middle huge parks.

These castles and palaces not only offer beautiful photo motifs, whoever visits them is immersed in the old walls in stories from times long past. A Magicfrom which it is difficult to escape. Our Photo gallery would like to Suggestions give for your next travel. Or maybe you only dive for one moment in these photos and Stories and briefly dream of the everyday life. We take you to 15 abandoned castles and palaces.

1. Sharivka Palace, Ukraine

Sharivka Palace, Ukraine
imago images / Ukrinform

An abandoned white castle stands in the middle of a large park in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. Numerous legends have grown up around this neo-Gothic style property. The Mansion its construction in early 19th century had been started at the end of the 19th century from Sugar manufacturers Ludwig Koenig Bought. Out love to a ukrainian girl is he supposed to estate in a Schwanenburg have transformed.

The manufacturer married the young woman and read every wish from her eyes. in the park there is still a stone today and whoever touches it should have his Soul mate Find. This white lock is one memory to the love and Stories tell, even here in the winter Flowers in the park have blossomed. But the next property also resembles a fairytale castle that has become real.

2. Rocca Calascio, Italy

Rocca Calascio, Italy
Image: Stefano_Valeri /

In the interior of Abruzzo in Italy, there is an old fortress at 1,460 meters. This mystical place receives his Visitor with breathtaking silence. What is going on around 1000 years played in this place? To get into that Interior of the castle to get there Wooden bridge be crossed. Now you can be in the middle of the Stone walls mentally into middle Ages set back.

The idyllic fortress was already the location for many films. The director of the book adaptation “The name of the Rose“With Sean Connery found one here perfect setting in front. Several scenes from the film « The American » with George Clooney were also filmed here. With photo number 3 we are now going to the other end of the world.

3. Bannerman Castle, USA

Bannerman Castle, USA
Picture: Felix Lipov /

It’s hard to believe that this ancient building is near New York. What wealthy family has the here dream from Life in one lock realized? It is not worth thinking about, because behind the facade of Bannerman Castles there is no romantic hiding fairy tale. Francis Bannerman was a Scottish Businessmanwho the building as Warehouse had built.

The building was never fully completed, but it was enough to store the merchandise consisting of weapons, ammunition and uniforms. The Warehouse stands up Poppel Island and can for proud $ 35 be visited. Who says that Castles always romantic stories to have? The next building, however, has a lot of past history.

4. Olsztyn Castle, Poland

Olsztyn Castle, Poland
Picture: Krzysztof Gach /

On Nicholas Copernicus based a new one worldview. He found everyone Planets around the sun turnn and the earth not, as previously assumed, the Focus of Universe is. From 1516 to 1521 Copernicus was the administrator of the proud Allenstein Castle in Poland. The building was built in 14th Century built and served as Administrative seat of the Bishops.

The city of Olsztyn developed from the Gothic castle. Copernicus successfully defended the fortress during the equestrian war during his tenure. The Castle includes the impressive Keep, stables, Farm buildings and a jail. An impressive building that the former Importance of the Teutonic Order reflects. There is also an abandoned fortress steeped in history in France …

5. Chateau Gaillard, France

Chateau Gaillard, France
Image: Pack-Shot /

None other than Richard the Lionheart King of England had this castle built in Normandy at the end of the 12th century. On his Cruise trains had lion heart of the Crusader castles in Palestine get inspired. The Castle complex had an immense Extent, it consisted of one In front – and a main castle and one Fortress ring. The crumbling Masonry still tells the Stories from Sieges, Attacks, Fight and Defenses.

historian report that Margarethe of Burgundy in one dungeon in the basement, cellar had been incarcerated after des Adultery had been accused of Ludwig X. With its history and atmosphere, the Chateau Gaillard transports its visitors into the dark ages of the Middle Ages. The next castle impresses with its spectacular location.

6. Minard Castle, Ireland

Minard Castle, Ireland
Picture: Nick Fox /

Castle Minard in Ireland is a charming and mystical place. The ruin rises over Kilmurry Bay. The nature shows itself here just as rough and majestic as the dilapidated one buildingthat on a hill perched. One could almost believe one was in a scenery from the television series “Outlander« . In fact conquered Cromwell’s Troops 1650 the castle.

None of the Scots who were present survived the attack. Cannon shots by the English destroyed walls and life. Here in 1970 the Oscar crowned Movie « Ryan’s daughter » turned. What spectacular Backdrop! Unfortunately, many empty castles and palaces have fallen into disrepair. The following castle in Austria unfortunately also seems to be doomed.

7. Ladendorf Castle, Austria

Ladendorf Castle, Austria
imago images / viennaslide

This abandoned castle stands on a hill in the middle of a large park in the municipality of Ladendorf in Lower Austria. Historian mentioned here im years 1170 for the first time one Castles. This fortress was initially through Attacks destroyed and im Year 1645 badly damaged again. Wilhelm Johann Anton Graf Daun bought it estate and his Descendants left that lock Remove.

A magnificent ballroom has been integrated. Over the decades, the building passed through the hands of several owners. Since Year 1928 the castle belongs to the Huck family, but only that Administration building inhabited. The castle is falling apart. Maintaining such a huge building also costs a lot of money. The following castle was no different …

8. Vitzenburg Castle, Saxony – Anhalt

Vitzenburg Castle, Saxony - Anhalt
imago images / Steffen Schellhorn

The film Bibi and Tina was shot in this castle in 2013. For this purpose, the park and the exterior view of the vacant Vitzenburg Castle were polished up. The castle was built by both during its long history nuns, as well as different Nobles inhabited. In 1586/87 the building was converted into a Renaissance castle.

In 1695 the former owners had the historic building redesigned, this time it was decorated in the Baroque style. After this second World War the property was transformed into a school repurposed. in the Year 1969 moved in psychiatric hospital into the building. When the doctors left the building in 1996, the castle found no new one use and has been empty since then. What a wonderful Film set? But you could do that from ours too Castle number 9 claim.

9. Golkonda Fortress, India

Golkonda Fortress, India

One of the largest tourist attractions in South India is the Golkonda fortress. There is not just one castle to visit here, but an entire one Ruined city. In the Vaulted arch were once Diamonds kept. In the Surroundings there was the only one Gem mine India and in the fortress was with the glittering stones traded.

Golkonda actually consists of four fortresses that are interconnected. That is also a specialty Sound systemthat you will find here. to whisper allegedly can be found here a kilometer hear far. Underground tunnels, Pavilions and Halls kidnap us at the Golkonda fortress another world. The fortress that we show under point 10 is completely different, but no less fascinating.

Fort Alexander, Russia

Fort Alexander, Russia
Picture: Roninnw /

In the middle of the 19th century, Nicholas I had a fortress built to protect St. Petersburg. For this he left one artificial island fill up. 1000 soldiers had the task of defending the city from here. However, it never found one military action instead and so the fortress in a medical research center transformed.

The isolated location was ideal for examining pest, cholera and tetanus. Since the 1980s medical center has been abandoned, one can as Visitor come here and the fortress explore. The next castle we introduce was originally built as a fortress. We go to Spain for point 11.

11. Castillo de Loarre, Spain

Castillo de Loarre, Spain
Image: LianeM /

In the Spanish province of Huesca you can find a castle perched on a hill like an enchanted castle. There used to be one here roman fortress, the King Sancho Ramírez I rebuilt. The below Monument protection standing roman castle has been expanded several times in the course of its existence. Two churches and a monastery belonged to Fortification.

The castle rises 300 meters above the village of Loarre and enchants with its romantic sight. It comes as no surprise that there are already numerous Films were filmed? Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson shot here at Year 2005 the strip « Kingdom of heaven« . The next castle is no less romantic.

12. Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

Kilchurn Castle, Scotland
Picture: Swen Stroop /

The unique location on Loch Awe gives this ruin a very special atmosphere. From here, mine has a breathtaking one View over the lake and the hilly landscape. What has happened in the history of this castle? Of the Lord of Glenorchy left the property in the Mid-15th century to build. The Descendants of the Campell family let the Fortifications expand.

For 200 years, many historical and personal events took place on this property. The last owner, Earl of Breadalbane Kilchurn, finally wanted to sell the castle to the government. But after the Battle of Culloden there was no longer any interest in the castle and so it gradually fell into disrepair. The next property is very different, but no less majestic.

13. Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Krak des Chevaliers, Syria
Image: Martchan /

The Krac des Chevaliers was built between 1142 and 1271 by the Order of St. John. The Mamelukes expanded the construction. This castle is well worth seeing historical example one Crusader castle. The masonry dominates the surrounding one landscape. The Fortification is amazingly well preserved and is under Monument protection.

If you get the opportunity to visit the old walls, you can still see the bullet holes of past battles. Unfortunately, a visit to Syria is not possible due to the political situation. But for sometime in the Life you should see this impressive castle on his Bucket list have to stand. But our next castle, which can be found in Slovakia, is also impressive.

14. Spiš Castle, Slovakia

Spiš Castle, Slovakia
Picture: Radoslav Kellner /

We hope that the second largest castle complex in Europe will be preserved. Here you get an incomparable insight into European history. The roman castle was in 12th Century built. in the 15th century were gothic elements added a Knights’ Hall and a chapel built. Through a fire the castle was then in Year 1780 to a big part destroyed.

The property was abandoned after the fire and left to decay. Discovered only in the 70s historian the historical one value of the property and put it under Monument protection. Some parts of the castle have been extensively reconstructed. in the Castle museum can be Torture devices marvel that was used at the castle many years ago. Our last castle also has a very long history.

15. Carew Castle, Wales

Carew Castle, Wales
Image: Billy Stock /

Originally there was a Norman fortress in this Welsh place. The castle was expanded in the Middle Ages. The estate went through the course of its history hands from many owners. During the Tudor time developed the Castle to a palace. The Pembrokeshire region impressed by their rough nature and Carew Castle is a fascinating one Focus in this area.

The Carew River was dammed here to a mill pond. Through the history and the many Residents of Presence can you in here long past times immerse yourself. Today the castle is also huge because of it Bat population known. Anyone visiting Wales should not miss this historic place.


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