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Great Pyramid of Giza Great Pyramid of Giza


They weren’t all pointed.  Not all pyramids are the same. As with many building types, there are different phases in building pyramids. The earliest pyramids...


Fly with us to the most beautiful islands in the world: icing-white beaches, crystal-clear water and wanderlust included! These paradisiacal islands are actually priceless for...


Anyone who believes islands with picturesque landscapes and impressive beaches would only exist at the other end of the world is wrong. Many dream islands...

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Lost Places

Image: frankie’s / There is a soft rustle through a dark forest, a breeze moves through an abandoned house, a clink echoes in...

Lost Places

Image: hillemik / Sun, beach and crystal clear sea. That sounds like the description of the dream location of many people. Ours have...

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