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Is it easy to Traveling Solo Across Scotland?

Is it easy to Traveling Solo Across Scotland?

Photo: v2osk/Unsplash

So I’m outside a report my barbecue took about two and a half hours I think we had to go on the floor three incident before one because there were a few accidents on the way of that so I was like a little worried because I didn’t
want to I don’t know to be late for my play even though it was like three hours
I saw up three hours to go so I shouldn’t be worried but I went through
security and everything I could really find the check-in desk because there’s
so many check-in desks but I didn’t even
realize that but I finally got that went through security I was a little
literally sweating after that
I got a freshie which was not that good because I had that did keel on it and I
don’t like quinoa that much but they didn’t have any rice and then I just got
gum for the plate and I’m just going to be waiting until 9:00 yeah well anything
838 is when they board
my flight starting to void in like 20 minutes but I really hope so mouthing
because I don’t want to go on sorry on to the flight so like I’m gonna write about
I am exhausted and I got probably about no so you bought in the plane there was
a baby beside me so she was like kind and stuff which I felt bad for because
it was a long flight but now I’m just gonna get my bags and they went to a
border security which I was like really scared but it went by fine

I think the last time that I was talking and felt logging was at the airport in
Toronto and I didn’t film when I was in
Glasgow just because I was extremely tired and I didn’t sleep at all during
my red-eye flight and my friend is kind of weird about filming so I didn’t want
to vlog like with her too much but right now she has classes all day today so I’m
on a Rabi straight daddy’s trip alone and the view is so cool I’m in Loch
Lomond right now the mountains and I’m going to open and a few other different
places and we just stopped for coffee and I got a latte and I burned my tongue
so that was kind of annoying but it’s still good anyway and yeah the bus
a driver is super nice and super knowledgeable about the history of Scotland and whatnot
I don’t like the taste of normal milk and a lot of the time it hurts my
stomach and when I fight keeping lattes
I keep beginning to ask them if they have almond milk so hopefully this
doesn’t bug me because I’m on a bus like all day so but it’s so cool where I live
there’s like no mountains or anything like of the sword so there’s a little
tour boat I think boiling what happens
the Catholic Monarchs have been kicked off the Freud and his daughter and King William can my job
the right-hand side council ancestral
walk was the Duke of Argyll now I’ll be honest to me today it looks like a
guinea what I’m doing now is walking to a castle and if I heard the bus driver
correctly this person that built the castle wanting a perfect view of the
water so he wanted to clear all the houses up in the way of this view so oh yeah he said it’s only Street here
right pretty much like a little shack on top time to go sometimes, I just thought we just do
don’t create a Mississippi what about
hailing cattle breaking eggie yeah well anyway we’ll just hop something that’s you see the biggie this is the beat so we just got into open now and we’re gonna go get fish and chip you want to be in Germany so yeah we’re gonna go get fish and chips
what are you know this is I’m sorry so we finished eating not that was good
did you good, yes and now we’re looking for an ice cream place, we all have like
30 more minutes or 20 yeah we have plenty more minutes until we have to be
back on the bus, I don’t really get where he said he was going he’s like oh I’m
going somewhere
oh so he’s just hiking okay yeah yeah what do you people want to
I’m not sure we going I know this cake it is a sponge cake with Jim and customers
about this place to get beer/coffee

by George Square and now I’m just going to walk to meet my friend who is meeting me and then we’re gonna go to stand-up comedy and then tomorrow I have Edinboro
to go to so yeah it’s really exciting oh that’s cool pants yeah anyway thanks so
much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.


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