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The 10 Best Ski Areas In Switzerland

The 10 best ski areas in Switzerland

best ski areas in Switzerland

There is a reason why ski enthusiasts frequent the Swiss slopes – excellent mountain landscapes, beautiful terrain, beautiful villages, friendly locals … the list is endless!

Think about it. Would tournaments like the Ski World Cup, the Freestyle Championships, the British and the like take place on slopes that are second-rate? Of course not.

Switzerland has some of the most beautiful slopes in the world of skiing and snowboarding, which is why thousands of people flock here every winter season. In addition, the mountain cuisine is surprisingly tasty; Your taste buds will really be entertained.

And with wild après-ski fun, filled with sumptuous Swiss cheese and cozy fireplaces, seriously, what is there not to love?

Everything that makes up the ideal skiing holiday can be found here. So get to know the 10 best Swiss ski areas that will multiply your love for the slopes.

The best ski areas in Switzerland at a glance:

1. Verbier

Verbier is known for its versatile slopes, night skiing and lively nightlife. With 107 km of beginner slopes, 202 km of intermediate slopes and 103 km of difficult slopes, the ski area offers a wide range for everyone, regardless of their type and ability.

Every party animal will love to be here because this is a damn good party city. There are over 10 bars, all with great music and DJs that stay open until dawn.

There are also a variety of activities that you can take part in on days when you are not on the slopes, from paragliding, helicopter sightseeing, rock and ice climbing to snowshoeing and sledding. Just bring your ski camera with you so that you can capture these moments and the beautiful views.

You can get to Verbier by plane, bus or train. There are flights from Geneva International Airport and Sion Airport, which are 167 km and 61 km away, respectively. It takes two and a half hours by bus or car, and three hours by train.

Why we love Verbier
– Sparkling nightlife
– Night skiing
– Prefer skiers of all levels
– Easily accessible
– Numerous activities outside of skiing

2. St. Moritz

St. Moritz is a great candidate for those who plan to bring their families and children to Switzerland for skiing. With 42 km of beginner slopes, 79 km of medium-high slopes and 34 km of difficult slopes, it is perfect for skiers of all levels. And not only that: the slope from Zermatt is a bow.

If you don’t like skiing, you can stay in the snow park, where you can try various off-piste activities such as ice skating, curling, indoor tennis, squash and snowshoeing. Or go on a sleigh ride, a paraglider flight or a helicopter flight.

In the evening you can experience après ski fun in the Schirm Bar or the Alpina Hütte. If you are looking for something a little more lively, stroll to the nearby town and let your soul dangle with live music at Pitz De Teschna. There are enough cozy bars, casinos and night clubs here, so the nightlife is good.

The resort of St. Moritz is 229 km and 250 km from Zurich and Milan Malpensa airports. From here it takes a few hours by car or train to reach the resort.

Why we love St. Moritz
– Perfect for families and children
– Suitable for skiers of all levels
– Après-ski fun
– Numerous activities off the slopes

3. Parsenn

If you want to ski on some of the widest slopes in Switzerland, go to Parsenn. The slopes are decorated with traditionally designed huts, where you can learn a thing or two about Swiss culture.

This place is especially known for its moderately difficult slopes, which are up to 60 km long. But that doesn’t rule out beginners and experts; you can still enjoy the 17 km flat and 15 km difficult slopes.

Parsenn also has the longest slope compared to other Swiss ski resorts. It is therefore the ideal destination for anyone looking for cross-country skiing fun. It is also suitable for families.

Activities for non-skiers include ice skating, ice hockey, winter hiking, speed skating, wall climbing, hang gliding, indoor tennis and swimming.

After you have reached the slopes containing adrenaline, you can relax under the palm trees in Scheebar Total or in Klosters and Davos. Davos has an abundance of bars where you can party all night long. Gaudy’s Grastroechni and Gotschnabarat Klosters are also great places for après life.

You need an hour and a half by car and two and a half hours by train. The nearest airport is St. Gallen Altenrhein, only 115 km from Parsenn.

Why we love Parsenn
– Ideal for advanced skiers
– Allows cross-country skiing
– Perfect for families
– Easily accessible
– Lively après-ski

4. Murren

At 2197 m, Mürren is another great destination for skiers of all levels. It’s also perfect for families with children, so it’s an excellent place if you want to teach your kids how to ski. The 3 to 5 year olds can take lessons in the ski school of the ski area.

This is also one of the quietest places for skiing in Switzerland. It is high enough that the peaks are almost always covered with snow. The Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch mountains will offer your eyes a breathtaking view that you can enjoy.

If you are not skiing, you can also find out about other activities the snow park has to offer, such as ice skating, curling, ski training, mountain biking, winter hiking and sledding.

End the day in one of the mountain huts and get used to Swiss culture or have a beer in the gondola bar. The nightlife is dignified and quiet and may not give you the opportunity to party all night.

Perhaps the main reason why Mürren is deserted is the difficulty of access. If you want to come here, you have to take the bus or train to Lauterbrunnen, from where you can take the cable car to Mürren. The closest airports to Lauterbrunnen are Bern and Zurich airports.

Why we love Mürren
– Quiet and tranquil
– Great for family
vacations – Ski school for children
– Suitable for skiers of all levels
– Quiet nightlife

5. Wengen

The host of the annual Lauberhorn races, Wengen, joins the list of Swiss ski resorts with the most beautiful family-friendly slopes. Like Mürren, this is also an ideal place for runners. There are even a children’s slope and a few ski schools where the little ones can learn to ski. In addition to the children’s slopes, you will love the wonderful toboggan runs, including one up to 5 km long!

Wengen is almost car-free, which means that it is not as crowded as some of the areas mentioned above. It is hidden in a beautiful and quiet village in one of the most picturesque areas of the Swiss Alps.

The ski area is connected to Grindelwald and offers endless possibilities for beginners, advanced and experts. You can also go sledding, swimming, ice skating or curling in the snow park or visit the spa. There is also a cinema where you can watch a movie.

Après-ski is more of a cozy café bar and chic lounges. But there are several places where music concerts take place and some night clubs where you can relax with a beer and good music.

To get here, take a bus or train from Zurich Airport. It takes two hours by bus and three hours by train.

Why we love Wengen
– Perfect for skiers of all levels
– Less crowded
– Children’s slope and ski schools for children
– Toboggan runs
– Moderate nightlife

6. Zermatt

If you are looking for a vacation spot where you can ski well into the summer, you’ve come to the right place. Zermatt is equipped with charming, walking villages and a wide range of slopes and offers a great view for advanced and experienced skiers.

Whether you’re skiing a mogul slope, trying risky off-piste skiing, or just wanting to stick to the red slopes, you’ll get out of this ski area as a different person when it comes to skiing. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the beautiful view of the iconic and picturesque Matterhorn as you slide down the slopes.

If you are not a fan of the slopes, there is a lot of fun for non-skiers in the park, too, which you can indulge in hiking, swimming, curling, helicopter flights and ice skating in winter.

The après ski scene is lively and entertaining. The places to check out are Cervo, Hennu Stall, Papperla Pub, Pollux Bar and Harry’s Ski Bar. The drinks and music will keep you going all night.

From Geneva Airport you need two and a half hours by bus to Zermatt. It takes three and a half hours by train.

Why we love Zermatt
– Lively après-ski
– Perfect for advanced and experienced skiers
– Off-piste skiing – Clear
view of the Matterhorn

7. Saas-Fee

With an immaculate landscape, flat and child-friendly slopes and moderate to difficult terrain, Saas-Fee is also another place that you shouldn’t miss when listing your family-friendly Swiss favorite ski areas. There are a variety of ski schools that offer lessons for children and beginners, as well as snowboard courses for those who want to learn snowboarding.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also choose winter hiking, ice climbing, snowshoeing, sledding or a gorge adventure. You can also spend some time in one of the spas.

Party junkies are in good hands here. The bars and night clubs in the upscale hotels offer unforgettable après-ski. Here you can drink, sing and dance until morning.

Saas-Fee is only 78 km from Sion, the nearest airport. It takes an hour and a half from the airport to the city by bus.

Why we love Saas-Fee
– Easily accessible
– School for children and beginners
– Après-ski fun
– Family
-friendly – Prefer skiers of all experience levels

8. Engelberg

Switzerland also has something to offer freeriders and powder skiers; the big Engelberg. The area is experiencing freak storms that produce tons of fresh snow on the mountain slopes to enable perfect freeriding and deep snow skiing.

Skiers of all levels flock here to enjoy the exquisite view of the surrounding landscapes as they whiz down the slopes. There’s plenty of family-friendly activities and off-ski fun that both kids and adults can indulge in, and a great ski school for kids.

And of course, a day of skiing can’t end without a bit of après-fun, so head over to the igloo bar and ask for your share. The Chalet and Core Irish would also be excellent ways to relax.

Engelberg is 100 km from Zurich Airport. It takes an hour and a half by bus and two hours by train from the airport.

Why we love Engelberg
– lively après-ski
– powder skiing
– family -friendly
– ideal for skiers of all levels
– children’s ski school

9. Adelboden

Located in the middle of the picturesque alpine landscape, Adelboden is a favorite of many skiers and snowboarders. Due to its family-friendly facilities such as in-house childcare and the children’s playground, it is a popular destination for families. With 46 km of beginner slopes and 34 km of intermediate slopes, this place is known for hosting both beginners and advanced skiers, but there are also 6 km of slopes that can be used by experts.

In addition to skiing, there are a variety of activities such as bowling, climbing, ice skating and curling that you can enjoy.

The Time Out Pub and the Arte Lounge offer good live music for après-ski. But don’t expect to party all night.

The airports of Bern, Basel and Zurich take you to Adelboden. Bern is the closest and from here you can be on the road in the ski area in just 45 minutes.

Why we love Adelboden
– Suitable for beginners and advanced
– Great for family vacations
– Internal childcare
– Moderate après ski
– Easily accessible

10. Champéry

One of the oldest ski resorts in Switzerland, Champéry, is also one of the most beautiful places in winter. With its scenic flora and sauna, the wonderful landscapes and the wonderful terrain, the place supports skiing on all levels.

If you bring your family with you, you will love the family-friendly facilities here, such as the children’s swimming pools and the ski school. And if you don’t get enough of the slopes during the day, there is night skiing on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can play snowshoeing, pony riding, curling or darts off the slopes.

The nightlife in Champéry is not that busy. Soak yourself up in Mitchell’s Bar, the resort’s premier après establishment.

Geneva and Sion airports bring you to Champéry. From the airport you can take the bus or train to the resort.

Why we love Champéry
– night skiing
– moderate après-ski
– family friendly
– perfect for skiers of all levels

Our overview

Now that you know the best ski areas in Switzerland, start planning. Make your flight and hotel bookings well in advance so that you don’t have to act rushed at the last minute and don’t risk forgetting important parts of your ski equipment.

Most of the areas we mentioned in this post are family-friendly and home to skiers of all abilities. They will undoubtedly spoil you with the most fun skiing vacation.


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