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Lost Places

The 17 long-forgotten vacation spots

The 17 long-forgotten vacation spots
Image: FrankHH /

Who doesn’t like to vacation on one beautiful, exotic place? Especially the Germans like to travel a lot. The average travel expenses per person and travel were included about 1,020 euroswhich is really a lot per family. It was the year with around 55 million people who traveled for at least five days 2018 the “travel year“Bad way.

But everyone wants a place where not many tourists are and you yourself local and comfortable. Now we show you the most interesting ones abandoned vacation spotsyou definitely amazed. Have fun with the following article!

1. Grossinger’s holiday resort

Grossinger's holiday resort
Picture: Iryna Horbachova /

Very However, this does not look inviting, you can admit that. However, this swimming pool was in the 1960s in Grossinger’s holiday resort one of the most popular places in the area. This was visited frequently. The facility is located in the Catskill Mountains, USA. she opened in 1958 and was therefore very popular in the 1960s.

« The G « how it is among the locals and visitors also called, was founded and opened as a kosher family business in the early 1920s. It was in one bungalow and usually had 150,000 guests annuallywho came from all over the world.

2. What happened to Grossinger’s holiday resort?

What happened to Grossinger's holiday resort?
Picture: Four Oaks /

A fire which unfortunately infected the entire main building, destroyed the holiday complex. However, this was in the very early 70’s, then quickly rebuilt and a new building was built. Unfortunately, even this one is already in a bad condition again and is stamped as a ruin that you shouldn’t enter. It would take forever to build such a hotel or resort again.

What many people don’t know is that The premises of the resort were the inspiration for the film « Dirty Dancing ». Even the famous New York Times magazine wrote that the Catskills / Grossinger’s Resort, which served as the inspiration for the film.

3. The coffee shop

The coffee shop
Image: inspired_by_the_light /

In the Summer residences there was all kinds of entertainment for the guests: music and dance, games and sports. The coffee shop was also a popular place around earlier to sell bored, new To meet friends or just one alone book to read and one Drinking coffee.

This harrowing picture shows the last remnants of the coffee with some very rusty and outdated bar stools. Outside you can also see very well that the building is now only has turned into a ruin. It would probably take years and a large, very large, amount of money to rebuild the resort. But why don’t you do this?

4. Homowack Lodge

Homowack Lodge
Picture: Cory Seamer /

The Homowack Lodge, known to visitors, was formerly known as evening activity used and always has everyone very fun. Nowadays the system is only available as ruin and as you can see in this picture, everything is very dusty and has not been operational for a long time.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a guest there for a long time, drinking a beer, eating something and playing bowling with friends. Bowling is on At the end of the 19th century originated in the United States and is a variant of the bowling sport. You have to insert three fingers into the holes provided in the ball and hit the pins.

5. The old pool

The old pool
Image: Everett Collection /

In this photo you can see how you can still do it in the 1960s dressed differently was than in our day and second, the pool as it still shines in abundance. The people in the swimming pool look satisfied and relaxed.

It was simply brought down to earth for guests « Architecture of paradise », which means as much as « Architecture of Paradise ». This also indicated how much people liked being there. The complex glowed like a temple or a beautiful castle above on a mountain on the riverside towards people and acted like paradise on earth.

6. The cinema hall

The cinema hall
Picture: Vladimir Mulder /

The cinema was something, especially in the 1960s super special for many visitors. Because Color films do since the 1960s most of all newly produced films and were very liked because there were finally films in color. The cinema hall of the « Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel » was exposed to glorious times.

Now these times of great cinema are no longer recognizable. Nobody was ashamed of the architecture. But it started as a Victorian smaller house and went through a mission revival phase and ended up in the 1950s modern and slim buildingsthat amazed every architect at that time.

7. The resort of the Catskill Mountains

The resort of the Catskill Mountains
Image: futurewalk /

In the Catskill Mountains went on millions of Jewish New York vacations and had a lot of fun. In this picture you can see the rebuilt resort after the devastating one Fire that destroyed everything for the first time. Then everything changed. But unfortunately squeeze the changing world between this resort and the visitors.

People all traveled with it now plane the distant places and explored the world. There were also air conditioners, so swimming pools weren’t frequented to cool off. Time after time fewer and fewer visitors came to this resort and money became scarce. The facility had to heavy heart close 1986 and was almost torn down.

8. Resort in the Pocono Mountains

Resort in the Pocono Mountains
Picture: Sherman Cahal /

The next exciting holiday resort that we are presenting for you is the abandoned condominium in a resort in the Pocono Mountains, which are also located in the USA. Even today, many tourists or locals go on vacation in the Pocono Mountains because the soothing nature and the wonderful life there really does animated calm and inner peace.

Today, however, this resort does not create peace and quiet, but rather one cold showers over the back. You don’t want to spend your vacation days here, because the building is now Collapse at risk and no longer an inviting family-friendly place.

9. The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar
Image: Urska.Jpg /

Earlier one Place to relax and above all to really clean up after the meal. A place for his Worry about drowning deep in the glass and the next day to ask yourself what actually happened the night before, since you have a grumbling head.

Today one Place of destruction. Except for one a few demolished, unusable chairs, nothing indicates an inviting cocktail bar anymore there. Now you just go there to maybe take a tour of the abandoned places. Maybe some people can imagine how nice it was for the residents here in the past.

10. Apartment block of the Grossinger holiday resort

Apartment block of the Grossinger holiday resort
Image: John_T /

As you can clearly see, there are a few in front of this residential building of the Grossingen holiday resort chic carriages of the New York elite. Because, as we already know, they mainly did there rich Jewish people vacation. They built this part of the apartment complex because there was so much demand for rooms in the hotel. To make sure everyone gets a seat.

After a few months of construction, this was Apartment complex also used extensivelyuntil the change of time came and fewer and fewer visitors came. Ultimately, this block of flats only fully paid for a few years. But the owners will certainly have been annoyed to build such an expensive new apartment block.

11. Swimming pools

Swimming pools
Image: AS photo studio /

There are hundreds, if not even Thousands of deserted places in the world. Alone in Germany, there is far more than we would imagine. This also includes swimming pools. Swimming pools are often abandoned places. Either they are getting too old, a newer, more beautiful swimming pool has been opened, the owners have run out of money or simply because the visitors are not so well received.

When a swimming pool is abandoned, there can really be many reasons for it. Therefore, it is important to be Support your favorite swimming pool and if you want to go swimming there. You can go there too great meeting with friends. Because of course you don’t want your favorite swimming pool to appear in an article like this in 30 years.

abandoned-t. Another one

Another one
Picture: Roman Nerud /

People used to enjoy this swimming pool, which is more like a lake, their well deserved vacation. People often went there with family or friends to switch off their heads in the afternoon and to keep them in cool water.

The But nature gets it Most of the time always backif something has not been entered for so long. Trees grow high, the Grass is getting higher and the wooden floorboards were made by Water and moss already so flooded that you can hardly see it anymore. Unfortunately, this swimming pool has not been in use for decades.

13. Abandoned theater halls

Abandoned theater halls
Picture: Sherman Cahal /

The light goes out. A wonderful one Drama will be presented on the stage of the hall. None of this has the same appeal if there are only a few visitors. At some point the theater has to close because it went bankrupt because there are no more visitors. There are also some of them. The building is empty.

The light comes on again. Atmospheric music sounds from the speakers. The visitors slowly get up and leave in one Swarm the hall. After that there is a lot Topic of conversation about the play previously shown. How would you find it, whether the actors were good and would you recommend the theater to others?

14. The ball house

The ball house
Picture: Klintsou Ihar /

This is an abandoned one Music theater ballroom in Detroit Michigan. He burned down and his once beautiful facade crumbles away. There are some abandoned ballrooms. Especially in Germany. One of them is in Thuringia and is a particularly ailing and at risk of collapse. The Walls are a light green, with great embellishments, these are red painted columns a great contrast, you have to leave that to the interior decorator at that time.

Of the Soil is rotten and the beautiful wooden floorboards back then very expire and at risk of collapse. Underneath is a second wooden structure, like most old public halls. You should anyway enter with great caution.

15. Hotel Giso

Hotel Giso
Picture: Sean Pavone /

It used to be a travel destination for many people. Today it is completely overgrown and also a picture that nature repeats what was once taken from it. This abandoned hotel is in Sukhumi and it was used in the times of the Romans. This means that this building has existed for a very long time. Of the Spa resort for sulfur baths was already known.

Nowadays you can no longer visit the place, because as a « normal » person you are not allowed in there. Be that Collapse of the Soviet Union and the numerous wars, the economy had to suffer and the Tourism of many hotels in the area was very weak. Therefore, the hotel had to close in the end and is now one ruin at risk of collapse. However, the property was bought back and the Construction of a new hotel is coming.

16. Restaurant Pectopah

Pectopah Restaurant
Picture: Vladimir Mulder /

Maybe this is not exactly a travel destination. However, many locals and visitors, such as tourists, often have one here enjoyed delicious dinner. This former restaurant was mainly due to its known heavenly panoramic view. The look went over you armenian spa over or in the mountains. It used to be a very well known, popular place for medical tourism.

As with Hotel Giso, this shop also had to close because there were simply not enough people to eat there. However, you also know that many of these properties have been bought again or are planned. This means that hotel facilities, restaurants, cable cars up the mountains or even shops be restored should. Many photographers try to get in there, but it actually is illegal.

17. Abandoned T2

Abandoned T

An abandoned one old bus is in the forests of Germany. What could it be here? The bus is an old one VW T2, which was very often produced in Hanover. From The T2 was produced from 1967 to 2013what a period of almost 50 years is. However, you know about this particular van, that it was produced from 1967 to 71, because the indicators were set a little differently.

You don’t know what this rare car model does there whether it should be a “lost place” or maybe one Criminal case could dissolve? The bus may have only one repair necessary, but was it too tiring to get him back? This will probably remain in the owners’ memories forever.

Like many old sights we just saw, I would very happy to visit one of them. Even at the risk of being there can also be scary. What about you? Would Your next family vacation will go there?


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