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The most exclusive luxury travel destinations in the world


Fly with us to the most beautiful islands in the world: icing-white beaches, crystal-clear water and wanderlust included! These paradisiacal islands are actually priceless for ordinary people – but our little fantasy trip does not cost a cent …

Our journey begins at the end of the world: in the South Pacific! You can hardly go any further away from home. Here, in the middle of the South Pacific, lies the atoll Bora-Bora. This neat island pearl measures just 38 square kilometers, the most striking feature of which is a turquoise lagoon between two majestic extinct volcanoes. Spectacular five-star hotels promise privacy and every conceivable luxury. No wonder that it is mainly newlyweds who are drawn here: Bora-Bora is a popular honeymoon destination. The holiday highlights include snorkeling and diving in the colorful coral gardens on the island, and toasting with equally colorful cocktails on the terrace of the spacious water villa. The bungalows are often on stilts in the sea, so that you can gaze out over the picturesque lagoon. This romantic photo wallpaper idyll has its price: Overnight accommodation in a double room easily costs EUR 100 per day – although the upper limits are of course open. Bora-Bora is considered one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world.© Pixabay


Where George Clooney goes on vacation

The next tropical island dream is about 260 kilometers northwest of Bora-Bora: Tahiti is also part of the French overseas region of French Polynesia and attracts with fine white and black picture-perfect beaches. The black beaches are made of volcanic rock, powerful extinct volcanoes also characterize the picture here. The scent of hibiscus, jasmine and tiare is in the air. The latter is a pretty white flower from which the precious oil « Monoi Tiare de Tahiti » is obtained – a popular skin and hair care product. Another jewel in the South Pacific are the Fiji Islands: the breathtaking nature and the luxurious hotels attract many celebrities. If you’re lucky, you might run into George Clooney, Cindy Crawford or Oprah Winfrey at dinner. But you have to dig deep into your pocket: An overnight stay on the chic private island of Kokomo, for example, costs 2,500 euros. But you can also snorkel along the fourth longest reef in the world.©


Pure luxury in the Caribbean

Our next luxury travel destination is the Caribbean: The British Virgin Islands are not only a tax haven for the rich and beautiful, but also an Eldorado for sun worshipers and those seeking relaxation. Hidden bays, exciting surf spots and a colorful underwater world are just three reasons to visit the British overseas territory. About 60 islands and reefs belong to this tropical archipelago, 16 are inhabited. Everyone will find their own personal paradise here. The last stop of our dream trip takes us to the Bahamas: If you want to stay here, you have the choice between first-class luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons, the Atlantis and many other luxury accommodations, in which every wish is read by the guest’s eyes. A trip to the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay is a must:

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