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The top 10 Coolest Towns in the United States for 2020

America has a huge number of the coolest towns in the world, and you will enjoy your time when you decide to travel to Amerca because you will find that there are so many different options for you, and you will never face a problem with the cities that become prohibitively expensive.

You can have the best vacation ever with little money in some small towns, which have become appealing options, and you will notice that those small towns offering better food, drinks, and will make you spend good times than in major metropolitan areas.

Therefore, we will give you a list of some towns in America with populations under 100,000, and we will give you the ultimate collection of towns where people can have their weekends there.

The 10 coolest towns in America:

1.Greenville, South Carolina:

Its population is 67,453, and it is way better than cities ten times, it is famous for its huge number of locally-owned spots because they are more than 120 in a 10-block radius near its downtown.

You can have a picnic down Main Street to one of the best burger joints in America at Grill Marks, and then you can go across the Reedy River to the James Beard-nominated The Anchorage, or cool off with a drink on the best rooftop bar in South Carolina at Up on the Roof.

You will enjoy burning some calorie along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, which is a calm, woodsy recreational trail and it is perfect for biking down to the town of Travelers Rest.

If you want to get further into nature then you need to try to drive a short way to Caesar’s Head State Park, where a four-mile trail takes you to the spectacular Ravens Cliff Falls.

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