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These 15 Unusual Animal Friendships Are Indescribably Cute

The animal kingdom is about eating and being eaten, isn’t it? And again and again, it is said that animals of different types simply do not understand each other. Dogs and cats cannot smell and a small chick should probably not be left in a room with a house tiger.

But is it really always so? After all, there have always been animals that prove the opposite to us. Friendships can go beyond the species and race. And that’s really something wonderful. We have picked out the sweetest pictures for you that prove that friendship between dissimilar animals can exist. But just take a look at these unusual and incredibly cute pictures.

1. A common nap

Image: @Holidog

Cats are little predators. Cat owners are familiar with this problem because the little tiger must have brought one or two little birds or a little mouse home with them. It is of course rather sad for us humans at this moment, but that’s because of the nature of the cats.

And anyone who knows that would probably never leave a cat alone with a little chick, otherwise, it could be that there is not much left of the little darling later. But not with this cat here. The little tiger and the chicks really seem to love each other. Closely cuddled together, they take a nap together. Just cute!

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