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These Are The 10 Most Popular Travel Destinations

Have you already booked your next vacation or are you still looking for the ultimate travel destination for the best time of the year? Where are we most popular going this year? Enduring favorites such as  Spain, Greece, or Italy are still popular destinations. But the W e lt has much more to offer.

In times of global unrest, the tourism industry has long observed that people are particularly concerned with security. In addition, the beach, relaxation, and family vacations are very popular. We want to know what the 2020 travel trends are and have asked you for the most popular tour operators. Here are the most popular destinations Attractions! Aloha hey!

1. Italy

Italy is an absolute yearning for most travelers. Anyone who has been to this country will experience more. Dream beaches, vibrant cities, delicious food, and lots of art and culture. And do you know what? The list could easily be extended. Viva l’Italia! Bella Italia has been one of the top travel destinations for European countries ( Ranked 3 in EU « 58.3 million »).

From the northern Lago di Como to the south to Sicily , the country has a lot to offer. There are many reasons to love Italy. The Tuscan hills, the Dolomites, the beaches of Sardinia and the Amalfi coast, not to forget the Taormina with a view of Mount Etna. Have we woken your faibles ?


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