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Lost Places

This Boy Discovers Something Amazing On His Family’s Farm


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The village of Bikelse in Denmark has just under 700 inhabitants. So you can imagine that things are very quiet there. In March 2017, however, this changed suddenly and the village became the center of media attention. The residents had never dreamed that their homes would one day be overrun by reporters and forensic experts.

A 14-year-old Danish boy from exactly this village made a rather astonishing discovery on his family’s farm that sparked international media interest. Nobody could have imagined that such an important piece of history was buried nearby until the boy accidentally unearthed it.

1. Homework with an experienced character

On an ordinary school day, Daniel Rom Kristiansen was given a simple homework assignment for history lessons the next day. He was supposed to research the Second World War. However, he did not know that his homework would appear on international news. Who would have thought that this remarkable find came about through a simple idea?

You may be wondering how a simple idea has become something with incredible historical value. When he heard about his son’s homework, Klaus Kristiansen suddenly remembered his grandfather’s story about their farmland. The mention of Daniel’s story assignment brought back memories of his grandfather’s incredible stories.


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