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Top 10 Amazing Things To Do in New York City (Williamsburg Brooklyn) 2020

Williamsburg Brooklyn one of New York’s hippest neighborhoods but if you’ve never visited before where to begin.
we’re gonna show you around from the best spots to eat drink and explore we’re sharing 10 amazing things to do in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
10. Williamsburg Bridge
One of the best ways to start your Williamsburg Brooklyn trip is to walk the Williamsburg Brooklyn.
starting on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and ending up on the Brooklyn side about 30 to 40 minutes later now I feel like this is one of the most underrated bridge blocks in all of New York City you know the crowds of the Brooklyn Bridge you have different lanes for pedestrians and people on cycles you have good views inside you can see a
subway running right through the middle it feels like old-school New York City.
and then when you pop out on the other side you are just ready to go to explore
one of New York’s coolest neighborhoods.
9. Order Burger at Peter Luger
steakhouse in Williamsburg and while this is ranked as one of the top steak houses in all of New York City I’m gonna give you an insider trick go to the bar or try to get a table if you can manage a reservation before 3:45 is only available during lunch and order their burger it’s 1695 eat is one of New York City’s top burgers and you maybe wouldn’t think of ordering it coming to a steak house I’ve never been here before
so check out my first reaction to it lime green right I’m literally just boning me
that’s all I think we need here really I’m speechless our goodness burgers
even if you’re by yourself to try one of New York’s top burgers hit up Peter
Luger Sam, you don’t have the money to drop for a prime steak get the burger
8. Walk Bedford Avenue
if you’ve never been to Williamsburg before this is a good place to start just take the L train to Bedford when you get right off the train and you have all types of different
shops around you I know they call this that the hipster capital of New York City and that’s pretty much true and yeah this street can be expensive but I still think it’s worth walking by if you’ve never been here before they’ve got bars they’ve got restaurants
if cute little gift shops they have all sorts of clothing stores second-hand stores well we’re gonna get the second-hand stores after this different
places to buy music it’s just a really nice spot to be if you don’t have any
particular plan in mind if you just want to go explore Williamsburg starting at
Bedford Avenue would be a really good decision and there’s also a lot of cool
places to take pictures as well.
7. Hang Out at Domino Park
and it’s about a quarter a mile along the East River and it is definitely one of the best parks and urban areas in New York City that a lot of people haven’t really heard of if they come to Williamsburg really quickly but I’m here to tell you it is so cool it actually ties in the old Domino sugar refinery which was right behind me into a lot of the architecture here so it’s
not just a boring park it’s actually got a lot of really cool elements different places for you to walk along the water or to get amazing views of Manhattan from the Brooklyn side you could easily spend 30 minutes to an hour here, just relaxing especially on a warmer day than today very nice I actually had barely ever been here before this is definitely
somewhere you need to come when you go to Williamsburg.
6. City reliquary
and the museum was actually in my five museums that you need to visit you’ve never heard of a video, I just love coming here it’s only seven dollars are only open from
Thursday until Sunday and they specialize in quirky and weird things that originated in New York City like old Seltzer bottles and baseball cards and different pictures they have some
interactive things inside you can get a free guided tour if you want whenever you come here even from the outside you can see sort of what they specialize in
for example they had a milk carton that was sitting on top of an old phone booth
for 400 days so if you’re into the weird and the quirky and you like New York
City a lot
I think stopping over at City reliquary is an amazing idea also don’t forget to
go to the backyard they have a really cool tribute to the Statue of Liberty
that I think you really need to check out.
5. Vintage Store
members of the barrio I already mentioned how there’s a lot of clothing stores a lot of vintage and thrift stores the Williamsburg area beacons closet behind me is my favorite and you can buy clothes there you can sell clothes there they’ve got some new stuff
we’re gonna show you inside some examples of what you can buy and how
much would cost you jean jacket 2995
1695 for a used Mets Jersey should give us away for free I’m a Yankees fan I probably just lost half my audience bicentenary Spiderman looking
shoes 3495 I would say a lot of things, here definitely more on the stylish side
but it’s not cheap I would not say that this is the cheapest
Rif store in New York City.
so I would definitely put beacons closet on your list of thrift stores or just clothing shops to check out but make sure to go to you know many different stores in Williamsburg if you’re looking for the absolute best and cheapest deal.
4. McCarren Park

And there’s so much you could do you could play baseball I still got it they have two
different ball fields they have one of the most popular public pools in all of
Brooklyn, here you could do barbecues in the summer after someone was barbecuing
right now it’s about 53 degrees you could just layout with some friends you
could chat this is kind of like a good social gathering spot to be in
Williamsburg also could bring your dog to separate dog parks here so if it’s a
nice day in Williamsburg and you have nothing planned just to have a picnic here
at McCarran Park completely worth it.
3. Eat a Slice at L’industrie Pizzeria
if I was going to tell you the best things to do in an area we were gonna talk pizza
and Linda Street pizza is so well-known in Williamsburg, the owner is from Italy
and they put so much care into each and every slice this is the burrata slice five bucks of the most well-known signature type of pizza with burrata cheese and they put olive oil and the cheese on right in front of you with fresh basil let’s take a bite just looks so good
delicious there’s so much goodness going on here that combination have us the
margarita and the burrata cheese on top packs such a nice bite oof
I don’t know if this is the slice that you necessarily want to take the walk
around with not a lot of seats but this is so good you could also get another
regular margarita slice if you want but burrata
definitely one of the better slices of pizza you get in Brooklyn for sure.
2. Shop at Rough Trade NYC

this is Rough Trade NYC one of my favorites stops in all of Williamsburg its half
record store half music venue and it’s a kind of place where you could spend
quite a bit of time if you just want to wander inside for a while so let’s go
check it out this is really nice because you have so many different types of
Records you could buy here vinyl even like the Joker soundtrack, I can move down here we’ve got the Ramones, I saw Elton John on the other side there are a lot of stores like this left in New York really you know I remember a time when I
used to go to Sam Goody and I can listen to CDs through one of these we are
inside of the music venue right now any concert you see here is gonna be
extremely intimate or on the second level you have like ping-pong up here
leave they serve drinks and when you look down you just have like the perfect
view of whoever is performing that’s why I like Rough Trade a lot I think there’s
so much going on in here it’s totally distinctive to Williamsburg so I
actually ended up buying something inside I got a book about hidden places
in New York, but now you can buy books you can buy records you can listen to
music you can buy coffee if there’s a show going on you can drink and enjoy
the show.
I think Rough Trade is definitely one of my favorite stops in all of Williamsburg
for good reasons so definitely if you get a chance guys an important
note we’re visiting Williamsburg during the week if you come on a Saturday or
Sunday look up the following two activities going on artists to flea and
SH Morges Berg Smorgasburg showcases some of the best food trucks in all of
New York City.
not the cheapest place to go to but if it’s a really nice day
I enjoy it artists and flea just a good place if you’re in the flea markets want
to buy some older vintage items you can even combine both on a Saturday.
1. Have a Beer at Brooklyn Brewery

Williamsburg has a lot of great nightlife options, but if you just have a big group of
friends and you like beer I highly recommend coming to Brooklyn Brewery
this is one of my favorite beers in general in New York City I’m always
ordering their beer at a lot of different bars but actually come to the
source gives you a lot of different options of things to do they have
different games that you can play I wasn’t playing Sonic the Hedgehog they have
board games an amazing spot to come with a group of friends if you want to just
start a night out in Williamsburg and you’re not sure where that night is
gonna go begin that night here at the Brooklyn Brewery trust me you won’t
regret it check out our other New York.


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