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Which Travel Insurance Policies Make Sense?

Anyone planning a trip can look forward to a carefree vacation. But sometimes something can come up, for example, an illness before the start of the trip or at the holiday location. Or the luggage is lost. There is insurance for these cases – there are a number of things to consider when taking out the insurance.

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Travel agencies charge commission

Many travel agencies offer insurance when they conclude a trip. But often they only work with a few insurers. They collect a commission for each insurance sold – according to industry experts, between 15 and 30 percent. What is a worthwhile additional business for the travel agency can be bad business for the customer? Because often the travel agency does not offer the cheapest and best tariff.

Which insurance policies make sense

  • International health insurance: It is the most important travel insurance because statutory health insurance companies do not cover all costs even within the EU.
  • Travel cancellation insurance: They make sense for expensive trips. Because if you cancel a booked trip, you have to pay cancellation fees at many tour operators. If the customer cancels shortly before the start of the trip, the cancellation costs can be up to 100 percent of the travel price. Important: Read the insurance conditions to find out which reasons for cancellation are insured. This usually includes unexpected illnesses and the death of a relative. Many insurers also pay in the event of job loss or damage to the house. It should also be clarified whether the insurance will help with previous illnesses or chronic illnesses that already exist when the insurance was taken out.
  • Travel cancellation insurance: It is included in many travel cancellation insurance policies at an additional cost. It jumps in when the traveler falls ill at the holiday location and therefore has to cancel the holiday prematurely.
  • Luggage insurance: It is relatively expensive and usually only pays out under strict conditions. Before taking out the insurance, be sure to check what is insured and how much. Many experts consider luggage insurance to be superfluous because the airline or tour operator is responsible for lost or damaged luggage. Insurance is usually only worthwhile if the actual value of the luggage is above the liability limit of around 1,300 euros.

Credit card companies offer travel protection

Important: Before you take out insurance in your travel agency, check exactly what your own insurance status looks like. Travel is often already covered by other insurance policies. For example, many credit card companies offer extensive travel protection when you pay for the trip with a credit card.

Lower Saxony Consumer Center: Tips on travel insurance

  • Packages do not always make sense: travel insurance in the all-round carefree package is often too expensive because it can include redundant insurance. The consumer advice center, for example, advises against luggage, travel liability and travel accident insurance. These risks are often already covered by other insurance policies.
  • Interruption of travel insurance: Travel cancellation insurance should be included with travel cancellation insurance. The travel cancellation insurance only applies to the airport, the travel cancellation insurance from the start of the trip – for example when checking in at the airport. Usually, both are offered together, but sometimes also individually.
  • Note deadlines: Depending on the provider, the travel cancellation insurance must be taken out at the latest 14 to 42 days after the holiday booking or at the latest 30 days before the start of the trip.
  • Deductible tariffs: Some insurance policies differ very significantly in price because some tariffs include a deductible.
  • Automatic renewal: The termination conditions also differ. Insurance is often only valid for the duration of the trip and then expires automatically. In some cases, the contract is automatically extended, and the contribution is usually due for another year.


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