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We greet individual bloggers to contribute their high-quality content to the travelguidesandideas website.

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You can submit for consideration an original article (which is not earlier published anywhere else, including your site), with content based on your skills and/or professional expertise, and we will examine it for potential publication on our website.

Want to get your content published on our high-quality content blog? Follow below content guidelines.

Content Guidelines
Excellent writing
Unique images
Useful and 100% unique content
A primary target keyword with high monthly volume (300+ volume)
Same keyword in the title, relevant headings, first and last paragraph of the content
Additional long-tail keywords everywhere in the article
One internal link to Ventuneac content
One relevant links to your own resources (no promotional content)

Types of article travelguidesandideas accept Informative content
How to?
Travel planning

How to submit your article on Travel guides + ideas?
Per the above content guidelines.

Title of the article
Short summary
700+ words
The meta description for the article (125 characters)
Unique feature image attached in the email (below 50kb)

Final Note: Our editorial team has the right to make edits to create the article more unique and promotional free.

You can submit your 100% unique article for review at [email protected] If the article is unique, then it will be published within 3 hours on www.travelguidesandideas.online